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Icelandic Love Corporation intervewed by Gitte Broeng Kristensen
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'Shake hands with your inner fear. Shake hands with your fantasy.'

This request is written across the billboard made by The Icelandic Love Corporation. Since 1996 the 3 artists in ILC have been working together doing spectacular performances, videos, sculptures etc. Mixing all sorts of elements and meanings creating a humorous and at the same time horrifying universe, it is all rather camp.

On your homepage you emphasize the importance of working together, that you believe in 'the power of collaboration'. Is this also to be understood as a kind of 'girlpower' evolving from your collaboration?

No, we do not particularly see our collaboration as a kind of girlpower. We believe in the power of collaboration in all aspects. We all happen to be women and that is an important part of our art making and the way we go about things.

In what ways is your gender reflected in your work? (Or perhaps I should ask: In what ways is it not reflected?)

True. It affects our work in all aspects. But our focus point is not, 'we are women, how do we act?' Our focus point is to make our ideas happen. We think it is time that this question is reconsidered. It is obvious that your gender will in some ways affect your work, both for men and women. But so does you situation in society, age, political beliefs and environment in general.

In your picture for www.women2003 you look like a cross of champagne-girls with funny looking bows and witches with long nails. Is this how you see the modern woman?

Certain symbols that are truly connected to the female universe appear loud and clear in our work, so do universal things, ideas and icons.

We are mixing symbols that are not easily placed in any certain area. I would not say that we are commenting on the modern woman. More perhaps commenting on the modern woman commenting on the modern woman. Sorry, if this is confusing. Adding a certain sense of naiveté gives a deeper meaning to the image. This image is more about contrasts. Black and white, good and evil.

Your picture will be on a billboard close to Østerport train station. Have you worked in public space before?

Yes, quite a lot. We have done numerous performances in various places. Both within the gallery/museum context and in public spaces, plus work for television. When we were starting our collaboration 7 years ago, we created our own venues and did performances in airports and bus stations. Sort of guerrilla style. But we have also left our mark in various places, such as the piece 'Higher Beings' which is still somewhere in Amsterdam and Gothenburg.

Recently we also won two contests for public sculptures in Iceland. One is a monumental sculpture with a humorous twist, to be placed in front of a tech school in Reykjavik. The other one is a field of plants, that we will create a better environment for, in barren place in central Iceland.

In what ways do you think that your work/picture fits in a project like www.women2003?

When we first got the initial proposal for the exhibition, the fact that it was to be placed on a billboard interested us. But what didn't really interest us was to comment directly on the way women are often portrayed on these same billboards in advertisements. We see our image as a cross between graffiti and advertisements on its own terms. It is not very clear how it differs from ads.

We feel a little ambivalent about shows like these that are only for women.

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