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Line Wælgaard (Norge)

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Line Wælgaard (Norge)

Location: Placering GL. Køgelandevej 71, Valby

In this project, a number of artists are given the space of conventional billboards, normally occupied by commercial advertising.

I have been thinking of different strategies, and ended up whith a picture of a little girl on a field behind large, dark trees on a summer day. The trunks and branches dominate the picture, and if you don`t look carefully you might miss seeing the girl.

I was tempted to choose this picture because of its way of asking for attention in a very different way than the normal commercial picture. The main motive is almost hidden, vulnerable, instead of being spelled out visually.

Hopefully, the picture in its context will reveal different layers of meaning and possible interpretations. Who will notice the little girl behind the trees, and will her appearance mean anything to people passing by?


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