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Lena Séraphin (Finland)

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Lena Séraphin (Finland)

Location: Tagensvej/Lygten, (Lygten varmeværk), København NV


In late spring 1982 agent Olga Kudliaeva or Oba was in Helsinki working under cover for the KGB. In the evening of May 26th she met a so-called transformer. Transformers step in to represent the agency's clients, at that time being a Finnish civil engineer specialized in microcomponents for portable phones. What Oba did not inform back in Moscow was that she also gave away information concerning nuclear submarines. Doing that she formed the first organized man-to-man scheme that ultimately led to the overthrow of Kazev, the largest Soviet manufacturer of arms. When entering the preselected place of rendezvous Oba was to recognize the transformer from a combination of a repetitive taps on the table.

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