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Aurora Reinhard (Finland)

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Aurora Reinhard  (Finland)

Location: Nørreport Station, S/tog spor 3/4, København K


The image in billboard project is a still image from the video film Boygirl (2002), it's a floating disconnected moment and a piece of sentence. It could be only one frame but yet it's a strong manifesto and an attempt to describe oneself.

poikatyttö-boygirl, 11:57 min.
a videofilm by Aurora Reinhard
post-production Aku Raski
english translation Susan Heiskanen
original formate: minidv
(c) Aurora Reinhard 2002

Boygirl is an videowork about three girls who can't identify themselves simply as female or male. It tells how it is to feel different and misplaced everyday of your life. It's a work about the girls and about the questions and confusion of people. It's a work about being different and an outsider in a society where the male and the female sex are the only acknowledged genders.


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